The Federal Government is requesting Heavy vehicle industry stakeholders asked for their views on the future of heavy vehicle road user charges.  

Whilst WA remains outside of the PayGo system used in the Eastern States.  This has been a good thing as the Heavy Vehicle industry under the PayGo system have been over charged to the tune of a few hundred million.

However, the WA industry must ensure it has considers the proposed options, should any future WA government decide to agree to the national system.

Extract from Media Statement From Minister

A Regulation Impact Statement looking at options for different ways to set heavy vehicle road user charges has been released for comment today.  Governments are working to reform the way heavy vehicle charges are set with the aim of improving efficiency and productivity for the heavy vehicle sector.

The Transport and Infrastructure Council of COAG (that is, Commonwealth, state and territory transport and infrastructure ministers) agreed in November 2017 to assess the costs and benefits of independent price regulation and a forward-looking cost base which would provide a more transparent way of setting charges.

Heavy vehicle operators currently pay for access to public roads through the federally managed fuel-based road user charge and state government vehicle registration fees, with charges frozen for a number of years.  The current reform process aims to improve customer focus, linking heavy vehicle operators’ needs with the level of service they receive, the charges they pay and increasing the share of those charges invested back into road services.

Stakeholder feedback on the Regulation Impact Statement will be important in helping to inform a decision by governments on the way forward for heavy vehicle road user charges.

Industry Response

The ATA on a draft response that WRF is contributing too.  Any members who wish to add their views are requested to contact us.

Regulatory Impact Statement can be downloaded here.  

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