Urban Logistics Group

Have you ever considered just how many services are provided to our cities by road?   

Such as construction materials and equipment, retail store delivery, courier delivery, removals, waste collection and so much more.   In fact City Councils and even the Department of Transport have no idea of the actual scope of services needed to support the metropolitan area.

However as our cities grow, the issues of supplying the city efficiently and effectively has become an increasing issue.

  • Access restrictions including time based
  • Urban planning restrictions
  • Changing community expectations and activism
  • Poor designs of residential areas for resupply
  • Lack of understanding by urban planners and regulators of the critical role and needs of our members in supporting our cities.

Companies who use roads to supply and service the urban areas have been ignored because their voices are too fragmented.

WRF Urban Transport and Logistics addresses this issue by inviting members and specialist associations to a common forum to develop a unified voice that can:

  • Ensure access and productivity is maintained
  • Influence local governments
  • Help improve urban planning
  • Educate urban planners on logistics and transport

Current Issues

  • Access and parking restrictions,
  • Improving engagement with Councils and Community
  • Town Planners low level of logistics knowledge
  • Proposed Congestion tax


Nick D’Adamo CEO of the Keys Group of Companies

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Group Membership

To join the group please email CEO of Western Roads Federation