About Us

Western Roads Federation has been formed to give a strong unified voice for companies who use WA roads for commercial benefit.

Regardless of whether it’s a courier car, a crane, a garbage truck or a road train, the issues are fundamentally the same.  Improved productivity and safety through greater access, investment and recognition of the critical importance of roads to the economy.


Combined the federation represents one of the largest sectors of the WA economy.


Strong Governance. Learning for the lessons of the past, Western Roads Federation will be the first transport related industry organisation in Australia to have independent specialists on its board.  This in line with best practice standards of Governance.

Leadership.  Rather than just react to policy, Western Roads Federation has been set up to enable the industry to lead and constructively influence public policy debates in the community, media and government.

Influence and Power.  Western Roads Federation aims to achieve a collaborative arrangement with both the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA and the 41 regional chambers via their peak body.  Achieving this outcome will substantively elevate the influence and importance of our industry to the wider business community, the government and media.

Representation of Issues.

Aside big issues and trends impacting the industry, there are the specific segment issues that need to be represented and resolved with Government.  Such as the lack of wardens at present that is holding up the movement of oversize over mass equipment in WA.  Or the inability to secure loading bays in the city.   Western Roads Federation has going back to basics, and has formed policy or interest groups, such as:

  • Urban Roads Group:
    • As more people move in to the cities, there is a greater demand on our industry to provide services, from building materials, crane tasks, to supplying shops, delivering parcels, collecting waste etc. BUT local governments are making it more and more difficult to do this.  The Urban Roads Group is the first of its type in Australia bringing together every part of the industry to identify issues, put forward solutions so that Western Roads Federation can lobby to get the outcomes industry wants.
  • Regional Roads Group:
    • WA’s regions generate over 40% of Australia’s export income with about 4% of the population.  But Regional Roads have been neglected by Governments State and Federal.  Western Roads Federation is progressing a partnership with the 41 Regional Chambers of Commerce across WA, to collaborate on identifying the issues and solutions needed to improve WA’s regional road safety and productivity.
  • Other groups include:
    • Port Carriers
    • Heavy Haulage
    • Fuel/ Dangerous Goods
    • Safety and Compliance
    • Cross Border Harmonisation
    • Innovative and Technology
    • Emerging Leaders Groups
    • Professional Development


Note the chairs of each group are invited on the General Strategic Policy Council.

Western Roads is a membership driven organisation.  If you believe in the industry and what you do, then make sure company is a member, and get involved!  Request Membership Invoice