Members are reporting an increased number of issues at Road Train Assembly Areas (RTAA).

  • Abernethy Road and Northam RTAA 

Reports of companies using the RTAA as a long term free parking area meaning that members using the facility for its intended purpose are having difficulty finding a parking space.

  • Bedfordale Road Train Assembly Area

Members are reporting similar issues with this RTAA.   The facilities at this location are in a digusting state and need to be repaired.

  • Apple Street RTAA

Members are reluctant to use the Apple Street facility given the number of reports of equipment being damaged or stolen.

Members are encouraged to re-read the Main Roads Road Train Assembly Area Guidelines and Tips


Western Roads Federation has discussed the issues with Main Roads WA.

  • Bedfordale RTAA has the potential to be expanded, however both Abernethy Road and Northam may not have such potential.
  • Should consideration be given to imposing an enforceable time limit on parking.
  • Should security cameras be installed on RTAA?
    • If so who pays for the installation?
    • Who pays for the monitoring of the cameras
    • And who pays for a security responder in the event of an incident or concern?

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