Below is just a sample of the list of members initiated issues Western Roads Federation is currently working on.These give you an indication as to the type of issues WRF undertakes each day to represent member concerns.

Bull Bars and Sleeper Cabs
Exempting Bull Bars from dimension calculations as the new longer OSH compliant sleeper cabs with a bull bar put the vehicle 180 mm over length on one combination.

36.5 m Access Greenmount Hill
WRF is progressing a proposal to allow 36.5 m temperature controlled vehicles down Greenmount hill.

DeGrey River Rest Area
Members have raised concerns the following the closure of the De Grey river rest area (not a truck rest area), caravaners have moved into truck rest areas further along the highway, crowding out trucks wishing to use the rest areas.  WRF is pursuing options with Main Roads.

OSOM Pre Payment Permits
WRF is pursing options with Main Roads regarding the prepayment of traffic wardens.  Some members have raised concerns of significant cashflow impacts due to the charges.  WRF has proposed alternative options.

HPV Access to the Port
WRF is advocating to allow higher productivity vehicles from the Port.

Low Powerlines 
Western Roads met with the Minister as a result evidence is being gathered on low power lines effecting freight routes.

Members ONLY can raise issues at any time or request further information/ updates.

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